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Laundry Leadership

Dagoberto is a community leader that has selflessly worked to help people

in his little town earn extra income by collecting soapberries. While no one has gotten rich, he has seen that the soapberry project has helped parents buy milk for their children. Paying a light bill helped keep some other kids in school because they could do their homework at night. Roofs have been repaired and families have been encouraged.

Some of the worlds most influential leaders will not make the evening news. They don't have a platform to speak to the masses, but they will help their neighbor find a job to help buy milk, or patch a leaky roof.

You may not feel like your life has a tremendous amount of influence, but the odds are you do feel like there is laundry that needs to be done every now and then.

You can contribute to a process of change that can impact hundreds of people. Using soapberries is not only good for you, good for your laundry, and good for the environment, but it will help a neighbor somewhere in Honduras not go to bed hungry.

Lead with your laundry, small things add up.

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