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Olvidio’s life changed forever several years ago when he fell out of a tree, breaking both legs. One of his legs did not heal properly, making it difficult for him to work to support his family. To sell whole soapberries, the seeds have to be removed by hand, a perfect job for Olvidio, who has joyfully taken on this tedious job, which allows him the dignity of helping to support his family.

There is nothing more demoralizing for a father that being injured and unable to care for your family. And when the injury doesn't heal well the outlook is bleak.

That is where the soapberry comes in. It isn't glamorous, but it pays a fair wage, allowing for food, medication, and school supplies to be paid for, not on the back of charity, but with the dignity of a well earned pay check.

Your new bar of soap, may just be the way that someone is paying off a hospital bill, or putting food on the table.

Thanks for being part of something good for people and good for the planet.

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