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Stinky Clean

God gave us noses that are supposed to tell us what is pleasant. Which is why the smell of chocolate chip cookies helps sell houses. And why the comercial detergents on the market are full of extra scents. We like things to smell good. But that "fresh scent" that came in your laundry detergent is not necessarily good for you. Many of those scents can actually cause irritation and damage.

Soapberries have one big drawback for sales: they don't smell. They don't smell bad, they don't smell good, they just don't leave a scent behind.

But that is a good thing for those who have skin and nasal allergies. No smell can mean no extra irritants, no itchy skin, and no runny watery eyes.

So try the no smell clean way of doing things your skin and your nose may just thank you for not using a stinky clean.

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