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Industrial and Comercial

Organic, non-ionic surfactants for agriculture
​​Organic Non-ionic surfactant


Soapberries have untapped potential for farming, as one of nature's most powerful non-ionic surfactants. For use in re-hydration of planting matrix, water retention in the soil, and the application of fertilizers and insect control.

Industrial quantities are available! At significant cost savings.


Sell the worlds best hypoalergenic, echo-friendly, non-ionic, organic, and sustainable clean
Commercial Re-sellers


If you are interested in developing your own product line or commercial level distribution we have significant quantities and highly reduced prices. Volume discounts can reduce your cost by as much as 60%.

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Social and environmentla impact of the worlds best hypoalergenic, echo-friendly, non-ionic, organic, and sustainable clean
Social and Environmental Impact


Soapberries have the potential to develop as one of the most significant reforestation and humanitarian development initiatives in Honduran history.  We have connection wth every department in the country in developing this as a commercial enterprise that would benefit thousands of people and potentially have significant climate and environmental benefits, all using natural species in their native environment!

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Sapindus Saponaria is related to the sapindus mucorosi, but is a distinct species. These have all been called soapberries, or soap nuts, or natural soap.  They contain non-ionic surfactants, and can be called natural cleansers, hypoallergenic laundry detergents, Eco-friendly cleaners, and entirely natural soaps. They are environmentally friendly  detergents and environmentally friendly soaps.  Completely biodegradable, they are non-contaminating.  They contribute to re-forestation and clean water, soil conservation, and  sustainable economic development

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