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We are not soap-making experts, We don't need to be, the Soapberries do the job for us. However, we know many people are trying to take better care of their bodies by making homemade and special recipe soaps. We highly recommend adding the Natural, Healthy, and Hypoallergenic Cleanser and Moisturizers found in Soapberries to your Cold or Hot Process soap.

Super Charge

The Chemical process that makes Soap is called "saponification."  That is when your Ion- charged particles (typically from lye -Sodium Hydroxide) mix with your fatty acids to make make something that will attach to fats and oils and suspend in water.

Super Moisturizer

Soapberries are a natural moisturizer.*  And they do it because of their hydrophilic qualities (they attract moisture) not because they leave a layer of oils behind. Our friends using soapberries, find that their skin is smooth and soft without anything more than a simple wash.

Adding soapberries to your recipe will add a fantastic natural moisturizer to your favorite soap.  Making your soap better for your skin.*


You will have to play with soapberries to find out exactly how they mix with your favorite recipes, however we have two suggestions:

Use as your base Liquid

Make extract with distilled water and substitute it for about half of the the water content in your recipe.  

Add at Trace

Fine ground soapberry powder will give your soap that boost of natural clean, and add an exfoliant to your mix.  We recommend starting with 6 oz  per pound of mix.

If you are looking for ideas on soap-making here are some pages to explore - we have no connection to these sites so use your best judgement.

Soap-Making Introduction       Ingredients guide      Soap Recipe Calculator

*Soapberries are a natural agricultural product, they are not evaluated by the FDA, no statement is intended to diagnose or treat any disease.

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