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Making a Difference

Toucan Trading Inc. was started to promote the conviction that a fair return on honest labor is the best means to human development, humanitarian intervention, and human justice. As such we hope that all our business deals are conducted in such a way as to give a fair return to those who work for us, and partner with us.    All our products reflect that commitment.

Good for People and Good for the Planet

Soapberries are an entirely natural cleanser.  They are not petroleum based like most detergents, and they do not use fats and oils with with a lye or salt to make soap.  Instead the soapberry tree uses a protein with a sugar tail to make what are called saponins or ASSOGS.   These are gentle but effective cleansers excellent for removing strong smells, and dirt and oils.  They are naturally moisturizing and good for the skin*, and gentle on your wash.  

*Just so you know:  Soapberries are not evaluated by the FDA, and are not intended to diagnose or treat any disease.

Sapindus Saponaria is related to the sapindus mucorosi, but is a distinct species. These have all been called soapberries, or soap nuts, or natural soap.  They contain non-ionic surfactants, and can be called natural cleansers, hypoallergenic laundry detergents, Eco-friendly cleaners, and entirely natural soaps. They are environmentally friendly  detergents and environmentally friendly soaps.  Completely biodegradable, they are non-contaminating.  They contribute to re-forestation and clean water, soil conservation, and  sustainable economic development

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