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Selvin has worked with the soapberry project for two and a half years.

He has been able to finish his house by building an indoor bathroom. Selvin is generous with what God has provided through this job. We often hear of people he has helped in one way or another. His earnings from the soapberry project allow him to work in a poor rural church.

Some visionaries dream of new ways to use technology and science to get people to Mars. Others see the potential in the natural and wholesome resources that God has placed all around us in nature.

When a young man has the capacity to work with something new, and take care of his family at the same time, as well as generously impact the lives of dozens of others that is a visionary impact.

Soapberries are nothing new, they have been used for centuries by the native populations, but you have the opportunity to be part of a visionary new opportunity, clean clothes with a positive impact.

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