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Funding a Dream

Keila has worked with processing soapberries for a about a year, since she

graduated from high school. Keila uses her earnings to help her family

and and to fulfill her life-long dream of studying music. She has purchased her

own flute and is studying in a once-a-month music program.

We say that our Soapberries leave your clothing clean with no soapy residue. But your purchase of soapberries actually does have a by-product: HOPE.

When a young lady can work a job that gives dignity and the opportunity to pursue a dream that is a moment that changes not just her life, but every life her music will touch over the next decades.

You are a part of that as you purchase soapberries. Not because we are funding some special project, but because those who are part of this process receive a fair price for a days labor. Allowing them to do the things they dream about, while you get to wash with out worying about what is going on your skin.

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