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Help people, and make some money?

Usually we think of helping people as giving money away.  But here at Toucan Trading we like to think about everything we do as a win-win.

When we sell soapberries it benefits the people who use a natural and hypoallergenic clean.  That sale also allows us to have more money to buy soapberries, which means that people in Honduras will have more money for food, clothing, and medical care.  Everyone has more of what they need.

We need your help, and are willing to pay you a bit for it as well!  The best way for people to hear about soapberries is for you to tell them. 

 Starting January 1st. We will be giving out discount cards to all of our regular buyers, who request it.  With this card you, and everyone you give the code to,  will get 10% off at our web store.  And each of our regular buyers will get a 5% finders fee for every purchase using their code between January and June of 2018.

We get extra sales, you get cheaper soapberries, we get extra customers, people in Honduras have more jobs and everyone wins!  

Interested in a little extra cash?  

Send us an email to: and let us know you want to help people and earn a little money as well.

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