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Help Wanted, Needed, Greatly appreciated

As you may know, we are trying to do something that is new, introducing people to the powerful, natural, hypoallergenic clean that comes from soapberries.

We need your help! We need people from a lot of different places to report back on some trial products.

There has been a lot of talk about crowd funding, and we are taking it to the next level with crowd researching.  

Would you be willing to help us give the people of Honduras a boost, and give soapberries some of your expert opinion?

We have a test package ready for your expert opinion. You are the expert in how your skin feels and how clean your laundry is, let us know how soapberries stack up!

Go to our web page click on the "buy here" link and order the SOAPBERRY TEST PACK 

$5.00 covers our cost and shipping and handling (and might just help cover our web page renewal! ) 

We appreciate your help!

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