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Our Disclaimer is a really good thing!

There is a reason you have to wear protective gear in the lab. Industrial chemicals are dangerous.

That is not a medical diagnosis. This is common sense and is printed on very bottle of chemicals in your house!

Soapberries do not contain industrial chemicals - just natural ones. They don't come from a lab, they grow on a tree! Under most conditions the fewer steps there are between you and what you eat, or drink, or wash with, the better it is for you.

It may be that many of our problems are a direct result of too much exposure to toxic chemicals. And that is why Soapberries are good for you. They are not medicine they just are not harmful.

And don't get me wrong, soapberries are good for you! A friend of ours just ordered some of our homemade soapberry soap, because after using it her hands were not so dry and chapped. (we are not selling it just yet but if you would like to be a product tester let us know!)

We have several young mothers who love the fact that their babies don't break out in a rash when they use soapberries as opposed to the "gentle" chemical alternatives. Again we are not curing anything, we are just naturally and gently avoiding dangerous things.

The natives in Honduras know that Soapberries are good for you. They have used it to wash clothes and noticed that their skin comes out smooth and soft. But Soapberries are not "medicinal" they are simply natural, clean and chemically inert, meaning they don't react with other chemicals, they don't strip your skin, and dry you out. And they attach things to water, so if you hands are dry they will attach water to your skin!

So, I am proud to present a disclaimer that means we don't play with chemicals, and we think you should avoid them too. That's all.

So here it is: "Soapberries are a wild harvest agricultural product. They are not evaluated by the FDA. We do not claim to diagnose, or treat any illness or disease."

And if you do have dry itchy skin it could be that you simply are being exposed to too many chemicals, and we think fewer chemicals is a good idea.

Soapberries, Good for People, Good for the Planet!

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