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It works on farm stink!

I just wanted to share the note I got from a customer we introduced to soapberries earlier this month.

"I just wanted to thank you for the sample of soapberry powder you gave me at the Craft show last Saturday. I ended up doing 6 loads of laundry that day testing your product. My boys clothes were as clean as when I use laundry detergent and any odors were removed. I was surprise to find the odors from gym clothes and farm clothes were removed as were at the dirt. I went the next day and bought more. This week I plan on making some of the soap extract."

As we gear up for harvest season, we need to sell the berries we already have. So we are offering a special 25% discount through the end of April use the discount code: "Harvest17" and get 25% off!

Soapberries on the Tree

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