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Never underestimate rotten fruit

Soapberries on the tree

We got involved with Soapberries, because there are hundreds of people in Honduras who survive on mininal ammounts of incomme, mostly thorugh subsitence farming. We belive that there are good things in the world all around us much of it going to waste for lack of seeing what is right there in front of us.

That is the story of the soapberry in Honduras. They are naturally a fantastic cleansing agent, they require no chemicals no additives, no scent, or artificial colors, and they rot on the riverbanks in Honduras. Our simple and yet difficult idea is that if we collect those berries before they rot, they can help make your life better, and provide for legitimate income for hundreds of people who have no other way to buy medicine, food and clothes.

It is simple, don't underestimate what currently goes to waste. It could change your laundry, and may be change a life.

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