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Why We Care

Here at Soapberry Harvest we want to change the way you think about laundry. The truth is that the greatest laundry innovation isn’t something new, in fact it is something very old and it grows on a trees. For thousands of year’s people have used soap berries to clean their clothes. However, with the advent of modern laundry detergents the soapberry has been largely forgotten. We believe it is time to bring it back.

It is as simple as putting five berries in your washer and letting nature do the rest. Soapberries contain natural compounds called Saponins and Asogs, which act like soap. No chemicals means that it is good for you and doesn’t harm the environment.

Do you need more reasons to try soapberries? Not only will you be cleaning your clothes naturally and saving the environment but you can also help people in the developing world make a living and provide for their families.

In recent years lots of companies have started importing soapberries from Asia. We discovered that soapberries also grow here in the Americas.

Our soapberries come from Honduras. A generation ago people in Honduras used soapberries to clean their cloths do dishes and and bathe but with the introduction of chemical detergents have forgotten how to use them. Thousands of soapberry trees are cut down every year and most of the fruit rots on the ground. Harvesting soapberries can help

Hondurans find new sources of income by using the resources they already have.

Whether you care about your health, the environment or helping people its time to try soapberries.

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