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A premium Lotion infused with the natural goodness of Soapberry extract. 

The soapberries help the lotion be less greasy, and more moisturizing for your skin. 


Our Soapberries are produced by the Sapindus saponaria, a species of tree that is native to Honduras. Your purchase of soapbery products will not only help your skin be amazingly soft with no chemical residue, no aditional sents, no contamination down the drain, it will allso provide much needed jobs for people in some of the poorest places in Honduras.  Providing hope with dignity. Thank you for being part of something good for people and good for the planet

Soapberry Infused Lotion

  • Lotion Base:

        water (aqua), Glycerin, steric acid, shea butter,sun flowerseed oil, Jojoba seed ilcetyl alchohol, Rice Bran Oil, Alo Juice, Acrylate S/C1-30, Alkl Acrylate crosspolymer, Calendula flower Oil, Passionfruit Oil, Euterpe Oleracea Fruit Oil, Phenoxyethonol, Ethlhyhexyglycein


    Soapberry Extract:

        100% Soapberry extract (from Sapindus Saponaria)



         All natural esential oils.

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